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It is my pleasure to recommend Alim Builders to anyone interested in building a custom designed home. Quality work, quality materials, and attention to detail are distinctive traits throughout the house that Alim Builders built for June and me. When we signed our purchase agreement, we were promised a high quality product are this promise was definitely kept.

Building a home involves a great deal of interaction with the builder. We made numerous changes during the process, called Ishwar at odd hours of the day, and asked to see scores of samples during our decisions at various phases. Through it all, he was patient and professional.

Donald Fisher
Fisher Container Corporation

Helping people manage their wealth for the majority of my career has required a conservative mindset. It is with such a mindset that I selected a builder to construct my home. Ishwar Alim’s dedication to superior craftsmanship, open communication, and timeliness left me deeply satisfied and grateful. I will always consider the decision to build with Alim Builders one of my best investments.

William Lenz
Senior Vice President, Consulting Group
Citigroup Smith Barney

We were initially hesitant about building a custom home after hearing about the negative experiences several of our friends had had with other builders. When we built our first home with with Alim Builders, my wife and I were pleasantly surprised with the relative ease of the process.

Ishwar Alim patiently and skillfully guided us during every decision we were faced with during the planning stages. We were able to make changes along the way without work delays or large price increases. We always felt comfortable dealing with the staff of Alim Builders. Our finished home delighted us and our appreciation for our home grew the longer we lived in it.

When we decided to relocate and build another home for our retirement, the choice was an easy one: Alim Builders. Our second experience building with Alim Builders was just as smooth and pleasurable as the first.

Dr. Gilbert and Mrs. Haesook Kim

As a businessman myself, I know the importance of customer satisfaction. I have prided myself on this principle for years. When selecting a builder, my top priority was to find someone who I felt placed full emphasis on satisfying his customers.

After all, a home is an enormous financial and emotional purchase and building a custom home involves a number of potential difficulties. The only way to come out of the process satisfied is to work with a builder whose primary goal is to satisfy you. Alim Builders exceeded my expectations in this regard. I unhesitatingly recommend Alim Builders to anyone who wants to build their dream home.

Hiroshi Minawa


Alim Builders has been a client of Lake Forest Bank & Trust for more than fifteen years. My extensive interaction with Ishwar and my observation of the work of Alim Builders has assured me that he is a builder of the highest integrity and dedication. Rarely have I come across someone who is as dedicated to his craft as is Ishwar.

Value is a good word to associate with Alim Builders. Their homes consistently appreciate at levels exceeding those of similar size homes. I am pleased to assure anyone considering Alim Builders that they will be making a wise decision

Craig Arnesen
Lake Forest Bank & Trust


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